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PLUS begins RFID public pilot at 9 northern closed-toll plazas on 22 July

PLUS Malaysia Berhad which manages the North-South Expressway has announced that TNG RFID will be supported at 9 closed-toll plazas located in the Northern region starting from Wednesday, 22nd July 2020. PLUS has also recently announced a 20% discount on the Penang Bridge toll for eligible Penang RFID users.

According to the highway concessionaire, commuters can enjoy a smoother driving experience toll to toll from Hutan Kampung all the way to Sungai Dua with RFID at both its entry and exit points of each toll plazas. The 9 closed-toll plazas namely Sungai Dua, Bertam, Sungai Petani Selatan, Sungai Petani Utara, Gurun, Pendang, Alor Setar Selatan, Alor Setar Utara and Hutan Kampung will come with a dedicated RFID lane. PLUS has assured that both TNG card and SmartTAGs are still supported until further notice.

To recap, PLUS had started supporting RFID payments at 10 open-toll plazas since 1st January 2020. The remaining 84 closed-toll plazas were originally scheduled to support RFID by 1st April 2020 but the implementation was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PLUS Open Toll vs Closed Toll Plazas RFID

For clarity, open-toll plazas charge a fixed toll fee whenever you pass through, while with the closed-toll system, the actual toll is calculated based on your entry and exit points. The RFID tag is tied to a Touch ‘n Go eWallet which is easier to reload than a physical Touch ‘n Go card. For greater convenience, you can also enable eWallet auto-reload via credit card.

PLUS has also revealed that they have 1,500 free RFID tags up for grabs for Penang and Kedah users. You’ll have to login and register at the JomRFID website to redeem your voucher. Below is the list of selected fitment centres where you can get your complimentary RFID tag fitted.

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After the 1,500 RFID tags are fully redeemed, commuters can purchase the RFID tag at RM35 each at the selected fitment centres. The first 15,000 users to do so can also earn 500 PLUSMiles reward points.

You can also find the full list of RFID fitment centres here. Alternatively, you can also order the DIY RFID Self-fitment Kit for RM35 on Lazada and Shopee

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