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COVID-19: PM reminds Malaysians not to be complacent to avoid lockdown

At today’s address, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has reminded Malaysians not to be complacent in its battle against COVID-19. Globally, the number of cases has continued to rise drastically and several countries are now experiencing a second wave of infections.

In Malaysia, 13 new clusters have emerged during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) as the government has lifted more restrictions to allow the economy to recover. The number of new daily COVID-19 cases in the country has jumped to double-digits recently which is a worrying trend.

According to the Prime Minister, the government hopes not to reintroduce lockdown measures in order to control the spread of the disease. The economy has suffered badly due to the MCO and it is estimated that the country loses RM2 billion each day under lockdown. The government has allocated RM259 billion under the economic recovery plan to boost the economy.

If the government were to reintroduce new restrictions, it will be harder for the country to recover and the unemployment rate will go up. He said the rate of Malaysia’s recovery will depend on each and every one of us. Just because the number of cases has gone down, it doesn’t mean Malaysians can let their guards down.

The Prime Minister reiterates that face masks must be worn at all times and social distancing must be practised. He expressed concerns that some people are seen shaking hands or hugging each other when meeting friends and relatives.

The number of imported cases is still significant and the authorities will continue to perform stringent checks at all entry points of the country. All returning Malaysians are told to follow self-quarantine orders diligently. Those under home quarantine must undergo their second test on the 13th day of home quarantine and those that fail to comply will be punished under the law.

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The Prime Minister has also mentioned that the government might introduce regulations to make face masks compulsory in public spaces. He added that all family members and community members are frontliners, and they must play an active role to ensure the SOP is being followed.

Alexander Wong