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Apple’s latest ad wants Malaysian Android users to switch to iPhone

I’ve always associated Apple‘s ads with a certain degree of subtlety, and they (almost) always offer a surprising amount of entertainment—for an advertisement, that is. From the “Get A Mac” series to the “Shot with iPhone” ads, we’ve regularly covered campaigns that are usually funny, tear-jerking, or a combination of the two.

Now, Apple’s latest ad campaign in Malaysia takes aim at Android users. “There are so many reasons to switch to iPhone”, Apple says, referring to the cameras, processors, battery life, and other internals of the iPhone. On various sites and social media platforms, Memoji video testimonials from supposedly satisfied customers who have switched from Android to iPhone showcase aspects like “resale value”, “game performance”, and Face ID—and how iPhones are better than their Android counterparts.

Here are a few examples:

To be honest, the campaign seems a little on-the-nose for my taste, although some of the points raised by the animated Memojis are certainly valid. Face ID is still one of the more reliable facial recognition options in the market today, although the “game performance” referred to by Asyraf Z.A. is a little vague.

In fact, some of the iPhones used by the Memoji-represented users are pretty old. Elycia S., from Setapak, says that she switched due to apps crashing on her old phone. Given that Elycia has switched to an iPhone 8, I’d imagine that plenty of Android mid-range devices can handle “simple apps” without crashing. Still, I suppose she’s referring to the highly-optimised nature of iOS… perhaps.

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The current generation of iPhones—the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max—all feature Apple’s latest A13 Bionic processor. In fact, the 2020 iPhone SE features the same flagship-class processor at RM1,999, which is probably the best thing about Apple’s entry-level iPhone. Plus, one of the biggest pulling factors of the iPhone is the iOS and Apple ecosystem, which is arguably one that is better optimised than Android.

Android users, what do you think? Is Apple’s latest ad campaign convincing enough for you to switch to iOS? Let us know in the comments section below. To find out more, click here.


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