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Oppo’s 125W Flash Charger can charge a 4,000mAh phone to 41% in just 5 minutes

Oppo has made a new fast-charging breakthrough with its 125W flash charger. Not only it can provide blazing fast charging for future Oppo smartphones, but it also supports other fast charging protocols. You can even use it to charge a laptop.

Oppo 125W flash charge

The new Oppo 125W flash charger uses USB-C which is getting common on most fast chargers these days. As a comparison, the current 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charger that comes with the Find X2 series still uses a traditional USB-A port.

According to Oppo, the charger which uses a direct charging technology can charge a 4,000mAh battery to 41% in just 5 minutes and a full charge will take 20 minutes. During the launch, it is revealed that it’s compatible with 65W SuperVOOC, 30W VOOC, 65W Power Delivery and 36W Quick Charge standards.

Oppo 125W charging protocols

Despite not having the VOOC name, Oppo says that the charger has evolved from the SuperVOOC technical design and it has undergone comprehensive hardware architecture upgrades. The new charging system has a maximum rating of 20V 6.25A with improved power density properties to reduce charging times without increasing the size of the actual charger.

As shown during the launch, the new charging tech relies on a new battery design that features multiple-tab double 6C cell. It added that this design allows a lower impedance and the battery can receive an input of 12.5A current. The charging tech also utilises three parallel charge pumps which provide a conversion efficiency of up to 98%.

Oppo clarifies that the charging adapter produces 20V 6.25A and it is then converted to 10V 12.5A through the 3 charge pumps for the battery. Each pump will only need to convert 20V and 2.1A which is equivalent to 42W. This approach helps to reduce overloading and overheating. Based on Oppo’s lab test, the temperature of the charger remains under 40 degrees Celsius throughout the charging process.

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For greater safety, Oppo has added 10 temperature sensors that monitor the charging from the source. There’s also a five-fold safety protection layers that cover both the charger and the phone. In addition, the technology also has a fuse overvoltage protection measures as well as eMarker encryption on the USB-C to USB-C cable together with a 128-bit encryption algorithm. Once the adapter can identify the cable, the 6.25A current will be enabled to support 125W fast charging.

At the moment, it isn’t clear when this new charging tech will be available on a commercial product. However, it is great that it can support multiple charging protocols and it is based on USB-C. Despite its maximum output of 125W, do note that it can only charge a laptop up to 65W via Power Delivery.


Alexander Wong