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OnePlus Nord and possibly the OnePlus Buds revealed by Co-Founder

The OnePlus Nord is probably the most exciting product to be announced this month. The upcoming device promises to offer its familiar flagship-level experience and they are delivering it at a more affordable price level. Ahead of the launch, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei had an exclusive interview with MKBHD to talk about the costs involved in developing a phone. In the video, he has revealed the design of the OnePlus Nord for the very first time and also a glimpse of what appears to be the OnePlus Buds.

OnePlus Nord OnePlus Buds

The first thing you’ll notice during the interview is that Carl Pei is sporting a new pair of headphones and it matches with one of the colours of the OnePlus Nord. It seems that the OnePlus Buds will follow the AirPods design where it gets an extended stem and has chrome bits at the tip. This isn’t surprising since its related company Oppo has been making TWS headphones with a similar design.

OnePlus buds

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had recently shared that the OnePlus Buds will provide 30 hours of battery life on a single charge. It is mentioned that the OnePlus Buds uses a half-in-ear design to make it comfortable to use for an extended duration. He added that the new earbuds weigh just 4.6 grams while the case is just 36 grams.

Similar to the Nord, he said that consumers can expect great performance at a reasonable price. Looking at the official teaser above, it definitely looks sleeker than what Carl Pei is wearing in the video and we are guessing that he could be using a prototype during his interview with MKBHD.

At the 13:30 marker of the video, we get a clear look at the OnePlus Nord. At the moment, it appears to come in either light blue or dark grey. It has a quad-camera array that’s aligned vertically and placed on the top left most corner. Similar to the current OnePlus 8 series, you also get the square OnePlus logo and the label “OnePlus” on the rear panel that has curved edges.

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Over at the front, the device gets a wide punch-hole that houses two selfie cameras. As confirmed by yesterday’s teaser, the Nord will feature a 105-degree ultra-wide-selfie-camera for the front so that you won’t need a selfie stick. At the moment, it is certain that it comes with a Snapdragon 765G processor and the display pushes a 90Hz refresh rate. However, it won’t come with a headphone jack, which is to be expected in 2020.

Carl has also shared some prototype designs of the Nord which includes a triple cube-camera layout that’s arranged in an L format. They have also explored different colours and treatments including a frosted back and there was even a unique triple-texture option which looks rather cool.

OnePlus Nord final design
OnePlus Nord Final Design

Unfortunately, the team had decided to make a design change at a later stage of the process. Carl explained that if this was an experimental phone, they could be more daring in terms of the design. However, if the intention was to sell more phones, they would need to make a phone that’s recognisable where people can immediately identify that it as a OnePlus phone. The late decision had delayed the device by a month

To learn more, you can check out the almost 19-minute video below. For the full interview, you can tune in to the full podcast.


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