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Another iPad Pro clone? Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 | ICYMI #373

It seems like OnePlus is about to launch a pair of TWS earphones really soon. Samsung on the other hand might launch a brand new tablet which looks a whole lot like the iPad Pro.

The TWS OnePlus Buds are arriving on the 21st of July

OnePlus Buds

OnePlus has been rumored to launch a pair of TWS headphones for quite some time now. And now the rumours of the  wireless headphones have been confirmed

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

 Samsung is about to introduce its new Galaxy Tab S7 which will succeed the current Galaxy Tab S6.

Here’s where you can buy the OnePlus Nord in Malaysia

OnePlus Nord will be unveiled on the 21st of July 2020 and will be coming soon to Malaysia. Ahead of the global launch, OnePlus Nord Malaysia has officially announced its official e-commerce store for the Malaysian market.

Malaysia Airlines is offering complimentary Hygiene Kits to all passengers

To ensure safety and to provide peace of mind to all air travellers in the new normal, Malaysia Airlines is distributing complimentary hygiene kits to all passengers on all flights. Click here for more details.