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Lego has a full-size NES replica set and it is compatible with the Lego Super Mario Kits

[ UPDATE 15/07/2020 11:00 ]: The Lego NES console set will be available in Malaysia on 1st August. Full details here.


Lego officially teased a silhouette of the NES console set on Twitter after Hong Kong site VJGamer posted leaked photos of the full-size replica of the original NES. The set is complete with a controller, cartridge and a TV.

Specifically, the leaked photos revealed that the set consists of a TV playing World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. for the NES, a Nintendo Entertainment System replica console and controller, and the Super Mario Bros. cartridge. It is entirely made of Legos and will be compatible with the Lego Super Mario kits that you can already pre-order now.

It seems that amongst the many different upcoming LEGO Super Mario kits, the Mario Starter Course is definitely needed to heighten the experience with the full-size NES replica. With the Starter Course, audio effect symbols in the image (seen above) suggest that Mario will be able to make sounds once it’s been slotted into the top of the ‘TV’.

According to the photos, the set will include 2,646 pieces. And while it isn’t really a ‘playable’ NES console set, you can still ‘play’ with it as it has a crank (seen above) that you can fiddle with to make the “Mario” character move in the TV monitor.

Click here to check out the full list of the Lego Super Mario set. You can click here to learn how to pre-order the the Lego Super Mario Starter Course.

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