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myBurgerLab wants to pay at least RM3000 a month for a TikTok content creator

I spend more time than I am comfortable to admit scrolling through TikTok, but I can’t say that I post on it enough to call myself a ‘TikToker’. Those who are a lot more creative on the platform could now apply for the In-house TikTok Content Creator position at myBurgerLab.

“We are looking for someone who is familiar with content creation and has awesome competence using the Tiktok app. No prior work experience needed,” wrote myBurgerLab.

Although there are different kinds of content on the app, myBurgerLab was very specific to the type of content they wanted to make. The ideas include creative food photography and behind-the-scenes type videos.

The salary starts at RM3000, and you’d be entitled to EPF, SOCSO, and medical benefits. Burgers and pizzas are also provided, but only “if you’re quick”—whatever that means.

You get to work at home for video editing work, as well as work in-store for the products. There would also be equipment provided, but you’d get “brownie points if you have your own”.

It seems like TikTok content creation will be more of a big deal at companies, as it’s a platform where most of the younger generation spend their time online. You’ll also already find more TikTok related job posts, as the video sharing platform themselves are looking for applicants in Malaysia for things like a Creator Operations Specialist and a Content Labelling Operation Specialist.

With the near future looking to be more TikTok infused, I’m guessing it’s time for me to learn to dance the Renegade for work. That is—if it doesn’t get banned from the apps stores soon.

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