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2 suspected cryptocurrency mining facilities in Klang raided by TNB and Energy Commission

According to Bernama, two premises at Port Klang which are believed to be used for cryptocurrency mining have been raided this week. The Ops Bitcoin raids were conducted by the Energy Commission (ST) at Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) at 9am on Wednesday. A total of 40 TNB Special Engagement Against Losses (SEAL) staff, 15 Energy Commission personnel and 12 Klang Municipal Council (MPK) workers were involved in the raid.

It is reported that TNB had conducted its investigations and found that the premises were using illegal wiring to get electricity which was supplied directly without going through a TNB metre. The ST Enforcement Planning and Coordination Unit director Ir Shafie Mohamed shared that it is estimated that the premises have been operating for the past 3 months.

It is also estimated that TNB had incurred losses of RM30,000 per month from the electricity theft. The case is currently being investigated under Section 37 of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 and if found guilty, the perpetrators can be fined and sentenced to jail.

It is also reported that the Klang Municipal Council has identified 21 premises involved in electricity theft and they are passing the information to ST and TNB for further action. Both ST and TNB will investigate to find out if the illegal electricity wiring was done by the owner, the tenant or a third party.


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