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Samsung Galaxy Note 20’s S Pen appears to come with a “laser pointer” feature

After sharing clear live photos of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, YouTuber JimmyIsPromo has just revealed a new feature for the upcoming Note’s S Pen stylus. Since the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has been turning the S Pen into a magic wand by adding remote controls via Bluetooth. Eventually, they added gesture controls enabled by a 6-axis sensor on the Galaxy Note 10’s S Pen.

From the looks of it, the Galaxy Note 20 will get a new S Pen Pointer feature which acts as a laser pointer. If you take a closer look at the settings page, it reveals that you’ll need to press and hold the pen to move the pointer. From the looks of it, this doesn’t mean that the S Pen will work like an actual laser pointer but it behaves more like a mouse since you’ll have to drag the cursor on the screen.

You can adjust the speed also the colour and size of the pointer. For a phone, this doesn’t seem useful but it can be a nifty tool if you hook up the Galaxy Note 20 to a projector in Samsung Dex mode. However, if you want to point something out really quickly, it would still be faster to use an actual laser pointer. It would be cool if Samsung can integrate that into the S Pen.

In case you missed it, the Galaxy Note 20 series will be unveiled at a Galaxy Unpacked event on the 5th of August 2020 and it’s happening at 10pm Malaysian time. We expect Samsung Malaysia to start its pre-order campaign shortly after the global launch. To be the first to know, they are now accepting registration of interest on their website.


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