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AI Shutter: Xiaomi phones could soon have a feature borrowed from the Google Pixel

Xiaomi is currently rolling out the latest version of MIUI to some of their phones, and there are already a bunch of significant upgrades for MIUI 12, including an app drawer and privacy controls. But as it turns out, the MIUI team aren’t sitting on their haunches—instead, a new feature could be coming to Xiaomi phones in the near future: AI Shutter.

The folks over at XDA Developers recently discovered the camera feature in an APK teardown of the MIUI Camera app within a MIUI 12 beta release in China. According to the report, AI Shutter will work in a similar way to how Top Shot works on the Google Pixel—a series of photos are captured in a burst, and machine learning technology is then used to select the best shot from the bunch.

Here’s how Top Shot works on the Google Pixel:

The idea behind this method of photo-taking is to avoid results where subjects are blinking, squinting, or even looking away. Additionally, users are able to go through the burst of images captured, and choose one that looks the best. For now, it looks as if AI Shutter will be almost identical to the Top Shot feature, although there haven’t been any visual demonstrations or results for us to examine yet.

Do note that this isn’t a feature that is coming with the official MIUI 12, at least not yet. Xiaomi has already announced a slew of new features for the latest version of their UI, but AI Shutter hasn’t been seen in global beta releases even now. As such, it seems likely that the feature will first be rolled out to China users, before eventually making its way to the global userbase.

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Regardless, it’s something to look forward to. While Xiaomi’s camera app is decent enough, many users resort to 3rd party camera apps to get the best possible results from the camera, including Gcam ports. Now, it looks like the company is putting some work into its camera app, which bodes well for all Xiaomi users.


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