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Samsung’s new fridge lets you view its contents on your phone and it even supports Spotify

Samsung Malaysia has introduced its latest smart fridge the Side by Side with Family Hub, or simply known as the SBS Family Hub. This smart fridge does more than keeping your food fresh, as it boasts intelligent features that automate meal planning and connects with your other smart appliances at home. 

Price and Availability

The SBS Family Hub is now available in Malaysia with an official price of RM8,999. You can buy it via the product page of Samsung’s official website or through any of its authorised dealers.

Features and specs

The new SBS Family Hub (RS62T5F01B4) boasts a total capacity of 660 litres. Breaking it down, the fridge has 401 litre capacity while the freezer has a capacity of 260 litres. 

Samsung said it has redesigned the interior with its SpaceMax technology that enables the walls of the fridge to be thinner through the use of high-efficiency insulation. This creates more capacity to fit more groceries while Samsung’s All-Around cooling technology helps keep food fresher longer.

In terms of dimensions, the fridge measures 912mm (width) x 1,780mm (height with hinge) x 716mm (depth with door handle). It weighs 108kg.

Aesthetic-wise, the SBS Family Hub has flat doors and recessed handles, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your existing appliances and cabinetry.

The SBS Family Hub has a number of smart features including a View Inside internal camera that shows you the food you have in the fridge any time on the fridge’s built-in screen without having to open the door to look inside. 

You can also view the contents of your fridge remotely on your smartphone via an app. This will come in handy when you are shopping for groceries and want to check on which food items you need to stock up on while in the store. 

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Paired with the Shopping List app, you can plan meals and food purchases easily by adding or removing items on the list with a touch of the screen or voice command. It even synchronises the list to your phone so you won’t miss a thing.

With the SBS Family Hub, you don’t have to worry about thinking what to cook next for lunch or dinner. The included Smart Recipes feature uses a combination of artificial intelligence and food profiling to provide easy-to-cook meal suggestions.  

The Family Board feature acts as a virtual bulletin board that allows family members to share their favourite photos, video clips and songs on the fridge for the whole family to interact with. Users are also able to post stickers, draw pictures, share schedules,type or hand-write notes. Think of it as an upgraded version of the physical notes and pictures that you stick on your fridge door with magnets.

According to Samsung, users can even make or receive calls when they are cooking without holding a phone. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the fridge is able to connect with a compatible smartphone so you can answer or call people using just your voice. The ability to respond to calls using your voice is available with any smartphone, but making calls using your voice is only available with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

You can even interact with Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant via the fridge when it is connected to a WiFi network. For example, you can have it create a memo, set alarms or ask it to suggest recipes. Samsung said Bixby will adapt to your needs by learning your routine and preferences over time.

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There’s also the SmartView app that mirrors content from a connected Samsung TV and other Samsung mobile devices. This will come in handy if you want to watch a recipe video on the fridge’s display in the kitchen as you cook, saving you the hassle of taking out your smartphone. On top of that, users are able to enjoy listening to music or podcasts from streaming services like Spotify.

Take note that compatible Samsung Smart TVs are those manufactured from 2015 -2017. This includes J/K/MU6400 series or higher, 2018 models of Smart TV: NU7400 series or higher, 2019 models of Smart TV: Q60R series or higher, 2020 models of Smart TV: Q60T series or higher and Lifestyle TV(The Frame, The Serif, The Sero). 

As for compatible smartphones that work with the fridge, you will need a Samsung Galaxy S6 or later, running on Android 8.1 or higher.

As this is a connected fridge, you will be able to browse the web without a PC or mobile device. You catch up with the news, social media or save links to potential recipe ideas from the fridge’s large built-in display.

Last but not least, the SBS Family Hub makes managing your smart home easier with its SmartThings feature. With it you can control any Samsung smart home appliances like turning them on or off or adjust their settings using just your voice or by interacting with the fridge’s built-in screen. 

Samsung claims users will enjoy greater energy efficiency with the fridge with its low noise and long-lasting performance. According to the product page, the fridge is certified to work for 21 years and is backed up with a 10 year warranty.

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