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TM is working on providing Unifi to Yoodo Gank player

Jumper (Muhamad Izzrudin Hashim) of Yoodo Gank has just gotten a visit by TM yesterday. The Yoodo sponsored eSports player had recently complained on Facebook that he was facing difficulty training with his slow Streamyx connection.

After his post went viral, TM had visited his home at Kuala Pilah in Negeri Sembilan to check on his internet experience. According to TM, his home connection is already running at the maximum speed of its subscribed plan and they are looking at ways to optimise his connection especially to solve his latency issues. TM says they are currently working on providing him with an Unifi connection so that he can train better for his upcoming competition.

TM Unifi Yoodo Gank Jumper

From the looks of it, TM has provided him with Unifi Air as an interim solution which should offer better connectivity compared to Streamyx. The Unifi Air service is TM’s alternative to ADSL and it comes with unlimited quota. The service uses TM’s 2.3GHz TD-LTE network and it claims to offer average speed of 20Mbps.

After we reported Jumper’s story, Yoodo has sent us a statement on the matter. According to Yoodo, they encourage its players to use their mobile data as it uses Celcom which has the widest 4G LTE network in the country. However, they understand that there are situations where players would depend on their home WiFi instead of using mobile data.

As we’ve highlighted previously, 4G LTE would have offered a better gaming experience compared to copper-based Streamyx. According to Opensignal’s report for Kuala Pilah, the average Celcom user has a latency of 59ms and a download speed of 9.96Mbps.

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Jumper’s team Yoodo Gank had recently won the PUBG Mobile Professional League (PMPL) Spring League 2020, making them the first Malaysian team to win a PUBG Mobile Tournament at Southeast Asia level. In Jumper’s original post, he shared that he was using Streamyx with 100ms ping during the SEA final. He added that to be the world champion, preparation is key and internet access is crucial.


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