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Here’s how Pokemon Go grandpa cycles with his 64 phones

As reported recently, die-hard Pokemon Go fan Chen San-yuan from Taiwan had recently “evolved” with an insane 64 phones on his bike. To recap, he went viral in 2018 after he was spotted carrying 11 phones and eventually, he kept adding on to 22 phones and then 45 phones in 2019.

If you’re wondering how is he going to cycle with that many devices, here’s a video of him in action by Taiwan’s EBC channel.

It was reported that his ultimate goal is to reach 72 phones. Even its current setup with 6 rows of phones is already taller than him and it is quite dangerous as it blocks his view of the road ahead.

Pokemon Go Grandpa

He shared that his previous phone holders weigh 19kg but his new setup is much lighter at just 10kg. Assuming if each phone weighs 180g, that’s an extra 11.5kg of weight on the bike.

Pokemon Go Grandpa

With the already massive payload for his bicycle, there’s definitely no space left for extra power banks and cables. He would need to charge all devices fully before he goes on for his Pokemon Go trip. It is reported that he takes about half an hour to set up all devices.

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