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New Facebook group feature makes it easier for parents to share and seek support

It is tough being a parent especially during these challenging times in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. Facebook groups can provide the space for parents to come together to share support and resources. The social media giant has introduced a new group type for parenting on the platform

As many as 8000,000 Malaysians are part of an active parenting group on Facebook. This new group type will make it easier for parents to discover the right communities by introducing new features that make it safer and easier to engage in them.

Admins of existing parenting groups can now select this new group type to unlock three unique features that are customised to the parenting experience. 

  • Anonymous Post: Parents can now discuss sensitive topics without revealing their identity. If you’re looking to share or receive feedback related to dealing with the loss of a child or financial concerns, you can now do so anonymously.
  • Badging: Parents can choose to identify as a “New Parent” or “Expecting Parent” to find the right community and connect more closely with other parents who are in similar situations. 
  • Mentorship: Parenting group administrators can create an online mentoring program and match mentors to mentees seamlessly.

The new features are designed to help parents feel more comfortable to speak about their own personal journeys.They would also make it easier for parents to identify content that is relevant to them as well as seek or share advice with others.

Better Dads Malaysia, one of many parenting groups in Malaysia, that has benefited from these new features. The non-profit organisation, founded by Joshua Hong, has more than 80 fathers in the group and it serves as an environment that allows for fathers to interact, share knowledge and support one another. 

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Since the start of the Movement Control Order (MCO), the organisation has hosted many discussions on Facebook Live. These sessions touch on topics such as how to de-escalate family conflict and manage healthy communication with their children. 

They also share information, articles and advice on topics and situations such as mental health and how to parent teenagers. The group also provides emotional, educational and community support to all fathers through a shared WhatsApp group.

For more information the new parenting Facebook group type click here.

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