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Malaysian Laksa gets featured in latest Marvel X-Men comic

The enticing aroma of the beloved Malaysian dish laksa has found its way into the pages of the latest Marvel comic.

The news was shared on video games website yesterday.

In issue #10 of New Mutants by Ed Brisson and Flaviano which was released last week, the mutant with transparent skin Glob was making laksa in his home on the new mutant island Krakoa.

Source: @yours_heidi

Glob whose real name is Robert Herman gets a visit from the Russian superheroine Magik or Illyana Rasputin while he was collecting eggs from his chicken coop, reminiscent of Malaysian rural life.

When Magik asks him about the current whereabouts of the New Mutants, Glob tells her “I was making them laksa for dinner, and now there’s no one here to eat it.”

The unmistakable golden broth of the beloved Peranakan dish which is made with prawn shells, coconut milk and a spice blend is also illustrated in the comic.

What’s interesting is Glob’s version is a vegetarian one and there’s even a whole page in the comic dedicated to the recipe along with instructions.

Glob Vegetarian Laksa

Brisson even tweeted that he made laksa for dinner on the day the comic came out and is curious if anyone tried Glob’s recipe.

But this isn’t the first time laksa is mentioned in Marvel’s X-Men comic.

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The fictional island of Madripoor is located in Southeast Asia, near the south of the Malacca Straits between Singapore and Sumatra.

In issue #4, Marvel’s love for Malaysian food is seen when the character Jubillee offers the popular tea time kueh, lepat pisang to Psylocke as a snack.

“It’s called lepat pisang. Palm sugar and banana mush cooked in banana leaf. It’s good,” she says.

Back in 2004, Hellboy paid a visit to Malaysia to fight a penangggalan, a vampire-type ghost with a detached female head found in Malay folklore.

New Mutants comic fans can look forward to an upcoming film adaptation, The New Mutants, which stars Anya Taylor-Joy as Illyana Rasputin.

The film is slated to be released this August. — Malay Mail


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