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Here’s why you shouldn’t spray hand sanitisers at ATM machines

PETALING JAYA, June 10 — Hand sanitisers are the new must-have essential when running errands in the age of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, some germaphobes can be overzealous in their use of the product, including spraying it on surfaces that are meant to be kept dry at all times.

Photos circulating on Twitter last night show an ATM at a Kuala Lumpur shopping mall that had been sprayed with hand sanitiser.

The ATM keypad is seen covered in droplets while the screen displays a red error message along with visible water stains.

“Someone sprayed an alcohol and water solution on the ATM.

“If you’re afraid of Covid-19, apply (the sanitising solution) on your hands after using the ATM.

“Don’t spray it on the screen or keyboard,” said Twitter user @KLCCElevators.

@KLCCElevators told Malay Mail that the photos were taken at an ATM located at Avenue K shopping mall.

The tweet has gotten almost 1,000 retweets so far and many people were surprised that no one had gotten hurt from using the machine after it came into contact with the liquid solution.

Others said more awareness was needed when it came to using hand sanitisers without causing damage to certain surfaces.

A representative from Avenue K contacted Malay Mail to clarify that the machine did not short-circuit as a result of coming into contact with the hand sanitiser.

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The rep explained that someone had used the alcohol solution on the ATM after misinterpreting a message on the screen that prompted customers to sanitise their hands after performing their transactions.

Avenue K also plans to put up signs near their ATMs to inform people not to apply hand sanitisers directly on the machines to prevent any future mishaps. — Malay Mail


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