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[UPDATED] Yoodo is currently facing service disruption, calls and data not available

[ UPDATE 8/06/2020 11:30 ] Yoodo’s services including 4G data appear to be restored. However, the app isn’t stable at the moment.

[ UPDATE 11/06/2020 23:24 ] Yoodo says sorry for the interruption and they are giving free 3GB of data as a form of compensation. More details here.


If you’re Yoodo user and woke up this morning finding that your line is dead, you’re not alone. The digital telco under Celcom is currently facing disruption and its services are not available.

According to Yoodo, their technical team is working to resolve the issue. They didn’t provide any timeline but it appears that most subscribers are affected. The Yoodo app is currently not accessible and you can’t use any data.

According to some users, the problem had started since midnight and they can’t use 3G or 4G. Voice calls don’t work but users are still able to receive incoming calls and SMS.

If you’re a Yoodo user, are you facing network disruption as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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