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Does Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited come with a daily data cap?

[ UPDATE 7/06/2020 00:30 ]: Hotlink has revealed the FUP limits for its Prepaid Unlimited plan. Speeds will be throttled to 512kbps once FUP limit is reached. More details here.


Maxis has recently introduced its Prepaid Unlimited offering that promises to offer Truly Unlimited Internet with unlimited calls. Similar to U Mobile’s Giler Unlimited offering, the plans come with a speed cap but they are still worth the money provided that you can enjoy unlimited quota. Now, it appears that Hotlink’s new plan has a data cap that’s imposed on a daily basis.

Shah Fitri has recently shared his experience with the new prepaid plan on a closed Facebook Group. He decided to put Hotlink’s unlimited claims to the test by downloading a movie via telegram. According to his post, he didn’t use any modem mod or other 3rd party apps to bypass the hotspot limitation.

Once he utilised 5GB, he received an SMS that notifies him that his speed is throttled. According to the SMS, he has exceeded the data Fair Use Policy and he could still continue to surf on reduced speed. To regain full speeds, he will need to buy a new pass on the Hotlink app.

It is worth pointing out that there’s no mention of a daily cap on Hotlink’s FAQ and T&C. However, it does say that all unlimited internet passes are subject to Maxis Fair Usage Policy.

Maxis should have been more transparent with its plan limits. Although 5GB per day is quite a lot for most users, there are times where more quota is needed to get work done or if there’s a need to backup or restore files from the cloud.

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For RM35/month, the plan supposedly offers unlimited data with a speed cap of 3Mbps. If you need faster speeds, you can get 6Mbps unlimited for RM45/month. The plan does not offer hotspot usage and if you need to do so, you are required to purchase a pass that starts from RM1 per hour.

Undeniably, Fair Usage Policy is required to prevent a small number of users from abusing the network but it shouldn’t be a hard cap regardless of usage. It is misleading to promise Truly Unlimited Internet if the telco can’t deliver as advertised.

Previously, U Mobile was accused of setting a 50GB limit for its Giler Unlimited plans. When we reached out to them in February, they told us that they have removed the FUP for both GX30 and GX50 plans. It is also worth mentioning that U Mobile has limited its video streaming to standard definition with a maximum of 480p resolution to manage bandwidth.

If you’re on Hotlink Prepaid Unlimited, let us know if you’ve experienced any data caps. We have reached out to Maxis for further clarification on its FUP for the new prepaid plan.


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