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DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s selfie camera only as good as the Galaxy A71’s

The folks over at DxOMark Mobile have just reviewed the performance of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip‘s front-facing camera, and a score of 83 has been awarded. For some background, Samsung’s compact foldable phone features a single, wide 10MP sensor with a f/2.4 aperture fixed-focus lens. In the report, DxOMark says that this is a “step down” compared to other flagship smarthones in 2020, with the Galaxy Z Flip retailing in Malaysia for RM5,888.

An overall selfie score of 83 is broken down into individual scores for photo and video capabilities: 82 and 86 respectively. This means that the Galaxy Z Flip’s overall score of 83 puts it in the bottom half of DxOMark’s rankings for selfie cameras, with an identical score to the relatively budget-friendly Galaxy A71—at three times the price. In fact, Samsung’s foldable only scores a marginal improvement over some pretty dated devices, including the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Despite that, DxOMark says that camera results in bright day light have accurate face exposure and “reasonably wide” dynamic range. Additionally, you get decent colour representation when taking shots and videos in well-lit settings, too. However, results also showed that contrasts in images were a little flat at times, with significantly lower detail than images produced by higher-ranked phones in DxOMark’s rankings.

The fixed-focus nature of the lens means that images with subjects at a medium distance are captured well, although the focus runs when you’re taking shots at close range. For group selfies, keep in mind that the depth of field of the camera is pretty narrow, so you might lose some details towards the back of the photo. Meanwhile, performance drops off in low-light settings with a “very obvious” amount of noise, although this is fairly controlled where it comes to outdoor shots and well lit situations.

Based on the report, it also appears that the Galaxy Z Flip’s selfie camera is better at shooting video than capturing images. Again, try to avoid indoor recordings if possible, and the 4K-capable video recordings have good levels of detail. Faces are well exposed, while highlights and shadows are reasonably well balanced.

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Overall, the Galaxy Z Flip’s front-facing camera isn’t really a flagship-class camera, if the report is to be believed. Issues such as a limited focus range and mediocre bokeh shots—plus the aforementioned low-light results—mean that Samsung’s compact foldable has some ways to go before it can challenge other devices at its price point.