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Is Unifi offering 30Mbps for RM39/month and free TV for customers that terminated their subscription?

It was recently reported that Unifi is offering selected customers 30Mbps fibre broadband for as little as RM39/month. The offer isn’t published on Unifi’s website but a forum member has shared what appears to be an email from TM on the purported deal.

According to the screenshot, the 30Mbps plan is going for as low as RM39/month and customers can enjoy savings up to RM1,500. The 100Mbps plan starts from RM79/month while the higher 300Mbps option starts from RM149/month.

TM Unifi Come Back

It was reported that the plan is only offered for selected customers only and it isn’t available to anyone in the public. The email mentions “come back” and “we miss being the bridge that keeps you connected”. This sounds like a subscriber retention campaign to keep their existing customers that have terminated.

Another forum member has posted an image which highlights the breakdown of the “Win Back” offer. For those that want to take up the offer with an ultimate Unifi TV pack, you’ll get RM60 discount for the first 12 months followed by an RM50 discount for the following 10 months.

If you look at the lower half of the table, there’s an option for a “TV”. If you take the TV option, you’ll get RM50 discount for the first 10 months. We are guessing that the TV option could be a Free TV offer that was posted on the same forum thread last week. If you look at the promo image below, it mentions RM500 rebate which is equivalent to the RM50 discount for 10 months offer. On top of that, you’ll get a TV worth RM1,000.

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When we reach out to Unifi customer service, they didn’t deny the existence of the offer but we are told that it isn’t available for new sign-ups. When we asked another customer service representative, interestingly, the person said that the promo is old. In addition, the person also told us to refer and not any forum.

At the moment, TM is offering free 30-day trials for Unifi Fibre broadband. If you’re not satisfied, you can return the equipment and you won’t be charged any penalty charges.

Did you receive any discounted subscription offers or a free TV promo from Unifi? Please let us know in the comments below.


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