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7-Eleven Malaysia launches My7E loyalty app, but it looks half-baked

7-Eleven has launched an e-loyalty programme called My7E, which you can now download on your mobile phone. The loyalty programme “promises to deliver 24/7 rewards whilst providing further convenience to its members”.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up, you’ll get a complimentary one-off RM3 e-cash voucher. However, the registering process wasn’t completely intuitive and as a user, I had to ask around for help. I’ve gone through the steps and have provided for you an easy how-to, just in case you’ve gotten yourself stuck somewhere.

  • Download the My7E app (iOS, Android)
  • Press “Sign Up”
  • Fill in your details. The area where you need to add your full name in might be a little difficult to press, but try pressing at the edge. I’ve inserted a picture with a red circle over the area you need to press so you can refer to that. It’s a bit strange that the place to press isn’t where you’d normally press, but I guess it’s good that you’ve read this part before you start.
  • Wait for the SMS PIN and type the PIN in
  • Here’s where I got myself a little stuck. After you typed in your PIN, you’ll be taken to a page that looks remarkably similar to where you started. But do not worry, this is where you choose your own password. You’ll then have to type in your password again at the bottom.
  • You’ll get the front page (seen above) with your own barcode and User ID number

Once you’ve got that done, press the RM3 banner underneath “News” and press “Use Now” to receive your e-voucher. You’ll then get a verification email, where you’ll need to press a ‘Verify’ button before it would take you to a site with a rather blurry picture of three Slurpees. At the bottom of the site, it will say, “Your email has been verified. You may proceed to redeem your 7REWARDS, e-Stamp Card and e-Coupon NOW.”

You’ll need to go back to your My7E app to use the voucher. Go back to the same banner underneath “News”, and you are now able to use the ‘Use Now’ button to activate your e-voucher. However, only use it once you’re going to pay at the store, and you can only use it once. Make sure to read the terms and conditions underneath the e-voucher.

After this whole process, enjoy the RM3 off. You also (thankfully) won’t need to go through the same process with the other e-coupons once you’ve confirmed your address the first time. You can get coupons for things like their soft serve and other snacks when you click on ‘Member Benefits’ (you’ll have to scroll down, though.)

7-Eleven also offers 7REWARDS and e-Stamp Cards like you can get a free product once you buy six previously. To get a free Slurpee through 7REWARDS, for example, you’ll need to show your app’s front page to the cashier during payment, where you’ll get a ‘stamp’. Do that six times and your seventh Slurpee will be free. You just need to keep in mind of the validity of the rewards page. You have a month to buy yourself 6 Slurpees.

Only two 7-Eleven stores listed for the Klang Valley

Other features include being able to pay through the app using Razer Pay, and you’re able to contact 7-Eleven and send your complaints or comments. There’s also a “Stores” option where I’m guessing should have taken me to a map providing me locations of all the 7-Eleven stores in my area. But it only showed 2 stores for the entire Klang Valley. I’m pretty sure there are more 7-Eleven stores.

The My7E app is flawed, but I hope what I wrote could help you navigate through it so you can get yourself that free RM3 e-voucher, and good deals for some 7-Eleven items. And let me know if that 7 Slurpees a month deal worked out for you.