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For one week only, you can watch the full version of Yasmin Ahmad’s ‘Sepet’ on YouTube

The late Yasmin Ahmad’s award-winning movie ‘Sepet’ is streaming on YouTube for a limited time of one week. Viewers can also post any questions they might have about the film in the comments section to be answered by the cast and production team.

Considered to be one of Malaysia’s best loved films, ‘Sepet’ was released 16 years ago in 2004. The film won the Le Grand Prix du Jury at the 27th Créteil International Women’s Film Festival in France and the Best Asian Film Award at the 18th Tokyo International Film Festival.

‘Sepet’ centres on the relationship between a Malay girl and a Chinese boy, exploring “the simplicity and complexity of relationships that we all make with each other and captures a slice of life in Malaysia”. It is the first movie of Yasmin Ahmad’s ‘Orked’ trilogy.

Sharifah Amani, who starred as Orked in the trilogy, also Tweeted about the one-week stream. She will also join the cast and crew to answer questions people might have in the YouTube video’s comment section. She joins the likes of lead actor Ng Choo Seong, as well as Linus Chung, Tan Meiling, Zehan, David Lok, producer Abang Odeng, Kak Ros, Elyna Shukri, Datin Orked Ahmad and more who’ve worked on the film.

There will also be video replies to selected questions which will be recorded and compiled. It will serve as a new video documentation on the process and thoughts behind the film and will be screened on the ‘Great Little Stories‘ YouTube channel and onsite at the Yasmin at Kong Heng art gallery in Ipoh.

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“When Yasmin was alive she told us that as a Muslim when someone passes on, the only three things that can continue the pahala (blessings) for the soul of the departed: prayer, charity and knowledge. We hope that you will offer a prayer for Yasmin and a prayer to our damaged world to heal,” wrote ‘Great Little Stories’ on the YouTube video‘s description.

‘Sepet’ was posted on YouTube on the 29th of May, and you will be able to watch and write in your questions until the 5th of June, expectedly.