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Twitter introduces two major updates, including a new “Unsent Tweet” feature

Twitter Support announced two new updates for people who are “not quite ready to send that Tweet”. If you’ve already written a Tweet you don’t want to post yet, you can save it as an ‘unsent Tweet’ or you can schedule it to send at a specific time.

The feature is available on the desktop and, apparently, on the mobile app. However, after checking the app myself, it doesn’t look like scheduling is available yet. I can only schedule Tweets on desktop for now, but it will hopefully roll out on mobile soon.


Here’s what you need to do to access the schedule feature:

  • Press on the ‘Tweet’ button on your desktop Twitter page, rather than straightaway typing your Tweet on the top (see above images)
  • Once you’ve pressed the button, you’ll be able to see an icon next to the ‘Emoji’ icon that you can click to schedule your Tweet
  • You’ll be able to pick out the month, day and year as well as the exact time of posting based on your timezone

Unsent Tweets

Another feature added to go with the scheduling feature is saving draft Tweets as ‘Unsent Tweets’, where you can easily pick up draft Tweets to schedule later. Here’s how to access it:

  • Write in a Tweet after you’ve pressed the ‘Tweet’ button on your desktop Twitter page, just like above
  • To save it as an ‘Unsent Tweet”, press the cancel button on the top left
  • You’ll get a ‘Save Tweet’ notification. Press ‘Save’
  • To return to your ‘Unsent Tweet’, press the ‘Tweet’ button again
  • Press ‘Unsent Tweet’ on the top right side
  • You’ll find your drafts as well as your scheduled Tweet list
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It seems that for now, the drafts are not yet synced between the app and the website. You won’t be able to draft your Tweets on your phone and post the same draft on your desktop.

Twitter also lets you schedule a tweet for any time you’d like, as long as it’s within the next 18 months. While this ability to schedule tweets has been a part of TweetDeck—which is a profile management tool by Twitter—for some time now, scheduling on Twitter itself will make it easier for marketers and social media managers.