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KLStep is DBKL’s web-based contact tracing tool similar to SELangkah

While we’ve previously reported of Selangor introducing SELangkah, a contact tracing tool that uses QR codes, Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan is encouraging business premises to use KLStep. The web-based solution works similarly to the previously mentioned SELangkah, as it also uses QR codes as a contact tracing tool.

Premises like shopping malls, restaurants, boutiques and retail outlets will be able to record details and attendance of customers online. This will not only it speed up registration but reduces the usage of a shared pen at premises. The move was aimed to ensure the standard operating procedures (SOPs) like visitor control at business premises are implemented, as recommended by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

“Now, some outlets are recording on their own (visitors details) but in future, we want this system (KLStep) to be used by all business premises in the city. We have informed all premises and hoped the matter will be expedited as it is very easy to implement,” said Datuk Nur Hisham.

For business premises in KL that have not yet registered themselves for KLStep, they can do so here on their web-based solution. Customers who then wish to enter the premises would need to scan the QR code using their smartphones. They would then have to input their name, telephone number and temperature readings for record purposes.

KLStep also has a ‘Jejak Diri’ button, where they can track where they’ve visited based on where they’ve registered. These details would help the MOH with contact tracing, should COVID-19 cases be detected at these places.

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Based on his inspections so far, Datuk Nor Hisham said he was satisfied with the SOPs compliance of business premises such as providing hand sanitisers and practising social distancing at outlets. He also added that smaller traders like hawkers can continue with the SOP of writing down visitors details with a pen and paper as they do not have as many customers and provide takeaway services. However, for those who still have to write and are afraid to use the communal pen, Health DG has advised the public to bring your own.

Both KLStep and SELangkah use a QR-based system in their methods. You won’t need to download an app as it launches the web browser on your phone when you scan the code.

If you’re a business owner in KL and are interested in applying for your own QR code, you can click here. If you’re in Selangor, you can use SELangkah instead by clicking here.


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