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This USB key claims to provide “anti-5G protection” and it costs over RM1,500

Lately, there’s a lot of misinformation that links 5G to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, there are incidents of people destroying mobile towers and now it appears that some scammers are cashing in on 5G radiation fears.

There’s a USB key called 5GBioShield that claims to provide protection against 5G. It costs GBP 283 (about RM1,516) for a unit or GBP 795 (about RM4,261) for a set of three.

On the website, it seems to suggest that this product will create a force field bubble with a diameter of either 8 or 40 meters. The product would supposedly protect your home and family from all harmful imbalanced electric radiation including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi.

Here’s what’s written on their product documentation:

The new 5GBioShield is the result of the most advanced technology currently available for balancing and prevention of the devastating effects caused by non-natural electric waves, particularly (but not limited to) 5G, for all biological life forms.

The 5GBioShield makes it possible, thanks to a uniquely applied process of quantum nano-layer technology, to balance the imbalanced electric oscillations arising from all electric fog induced by all devices such as: laptops, cordless phones, wlan, tablets, etc.

The 5GBioShield brings balance into the field at the atomic and cellular level restoring balanced effects to all harmful (ionized and non-ionized) radiation.

The active field-effect of the 5GBioShield is minimum 40m in diameter in charge whereby all disturbances, both electric and geo-biological, are converted into balanced fields. When not plugged in, the 5GBioShield provides an active field-effect of permanent protective ‘plasmic shield’ within the sphere of minimum 8 meters in diameter.

Obviously, the 5GBioShield USB Key is nothing but a scam. It is essentially a 128MB flash drive that has a fancy 3D hologram laser-cut element and it is pretty much worthless in this day and age. In short, this is just as useless as the anti-COVID-19 Defend Tag that went viral in Malaysia.

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What’s more bizarre is that a 5G advisory committee of Glastonbury Town Council, UK has recommended the device. In their report, it is mentioned: “We use this device and find it helpful”.

The council member told BBC News that he had no regrets about buying the USB key and claims to have felt beneficial effects since he plugged it in. He said he felt calmer and is able to sleep through the night and having more dreams.

The London Trading Standards consider the product to be a scam and they are working with the police’s Action Fraud squad for further action. They are also seeking a court order to take down the website.

When BBC approached Ms Grochowalska, one of the directors of the company that distributes the 5GBioShield, she rejected accusations that selling a GBP 5 product for more than GBP 300 was unreasonable. She insists that they are in possession of a great deal of technical information that’s backed-up by historical research. She added that they are not authorised to fully disclose all of this sensitive information to third parties for obvious reasons.

The link between 5G and COVID-19 is purely unfounded and it has been described as the worst kind of fake news. Health authorities and telecommunications industry have condemned conspiracy theorists for spreading falsehoods which incite attack of mobile infrastructure which is vital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Malaysia, MCMC has iterated several times that there’s no evidence to suggest that 5G technology poses a health risk. The exposure of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field (RF-EMF) is within the recommended limits under the guidelines of the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). You can learn more about it here.

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