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Did you know about the secret game within the Microsoft Edge browser?

For users of Google’s Chrome browser, you’ve probably come across the hidden dinosaur game, a simple platform game that helps to kill time when your device is offline. Now, Microsoft has announced that there is a similarly-hidden easter egg within the Microsoft Edge browser: a brand new surf game.

The game appears to be based on the classic Windows game SkiFree, with gamers surfing through an obstacle-ridden part of the sea—there’s even a kraken that you’ll need to steer clear off. It’s a fairly simple game that should help to pass the time, although the game contains three game modes to offer a little variety.

For users with version 83.0.478.37 of the browser, the game is now available. All you need to do is update to the latest version of Edge, and type in edge://surf in the address bar. Whenever your device isn’t connected to the internet, the minigame will appear—surf’s up!

The minigame was actually announced back in November 2019, although a series of puzzles and clues were required to actually reveal the game. Back then, gamers who completed the game were then given a sneak preview at the new Microsoft Edge icon—a worthy prize indeed.

Now, the team over at Microsoft has added the surfing game as a permanent addition to the browser. In the few months since the original debut of the surf game, developers have also added accessibility features, including support for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Personal high scores are, of course, recorded, and the addition of a simple, arcade-like minigame is a nice touch from Microsoft. If things get competitive between you and some friends, the game also supports controllers for the Xbox, PlayStation, Switch Pro, as well as your standard keyboard and mouse controls.

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Plus, there’s the tantalising prospect of more easter eggs within Microsoft’s minigame:

“The final release of edge://surf has many changes based directly on user feedback from the Easter Egg version, including an enhanced user experience, numerous gameplay improvements (such as smarter enemy logic) and bug fixes, and much more. Who knows? There might even be a few secrets just waiting to be found.”