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Air Selangor: Here’s why your water bill is higher during the MCO

Air Selangor stated that there is an explanation for higher-than-usual water bills during the MCO. Their statement was made through a press release on the 20th May.

“From 18th March until the 30th April, Air Selangor had not made meter readings but instead sent out approximately calculated bills based on the average daily use in your previous months,” wrote Air Selangor in their press release.

Besides that, they also said that your bill could be higher during the MCO because you could have been using water a lot more at home as you’re staying home more. There could also be a possibility pipe leaks in your home.

For example, if you’ve received a bill for March and have been overcharged and you’ve already made the full payment, the extra payment will be recorded in your account. If you’ve been undercharged, the added cost will be in the next bill based on the meter reading.

Air Selangor has continued their meter readings on 2nd May. As for the bills, they will be making up for any payment changes in your March water bill by adding or subtracting to your April or May bills.

You can visit Air Selangor’s website here for the water tariff information. But if you think that you might have a pipe leak, Air Selangor advises you to contact a plumber registered under the National Water Services Commision (SPAN) to fix your pipes rightaway.

If however you suspect that you’ve received inaccurate readings for your bills, you can contact Air Selangor here for further investigation. Besides the website, you can also call them at 15300, WhatsApp them at 019-2800919 or 019-2816793, or contact them via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)