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Google app is getting dark mode, and it’ll be available later this week

The Google app is getting dark mode, and it’s set to be available globally by the end of this week. After the update, iOS and Android users will be able to use whatever theme their operating system is already set.

The Google SearchLiason Twitter account announced the new feature, also saying that by default, the Google App will be able to reflect your device’s system settings in Android 10 and iOS 13. If your system settings are already set to dark mode, the app will be in the same mode, too.

If dark mode is available to you on your device, you would see a pop-up at the bottom of your screen. It will highlight that the theme is accessible and will ask if you want to activate it.

In case you’d rather not match your mode with your set operating system’s theme, go into the Google app’s settings and choose the mode that you prefer. This is also what users on older operating systems will need to do.

Dark mode can be found in Google products like Gmail, YouTube and Google Calendar, and also a bunch of popular apps like Slack and WhatsApp. Some enjoy it simply for aesthetic reasons and find it easier on the eyes, especially at night or in a dark room. However, the mode has battery-saving benefits, too.

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Google app’s dark mode is already available for some phones, but watch for the feature rolling out globally later this week.