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Customers are registering as ‘Batman’ or ‘Superman’. Here’s why it’s not a good idea

Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob warns the public not to write in fake names, as well as false telephone numbers, when they register to enter business premises. He claimed that some patrons are even providing fake names like ‘Batman’ or ‘Superman’.

Besides going by fake alter ego names taken from famous superheroes, the Senior Minister also claimed that people have registered as ‘Badang’, a ‘hero’ from Malay folklore. Going by fake names will pose a problem just in case you needed to be contacted for a COVID-19 related case.

“If anything happens, we cannot contact them. Visitors should give their true names and correct telephone numbers because in case of an emergency that is related to a COVID-19 positive case at the place, they can be contacted easily,” said the Senior Minister.

Malaysians needing to enter a business premise should register their actual names and telephone numbers. However, there is no need for the people to give their identification card number and home address when registering to enter business premises to avoid misuse of the information.

“It will be very difficult for a restaurant owner if he sees ‘Superman’,” he continues, “Who is he? And the number is fake. In the end, those who do not provide their real names and numbers will be in trouble.”

While the majority of places in Malaysia are relying on people writing their own names and numbers with a pen and paper, Selangor has introduced a digital visitor registration system called SELangkah. It aims to support registered businesses or commercial premises by giving them unique QR codes that can be placed on posters at the establishments to be scanned by customers.

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Places like 1 Utama have also implemented QR codes similar to SELangkah. You’d need to fill up your personal details and enter your temperature after it’s measured by the guard on duty.


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