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Pos Malaysia responds to viral struggling postman story on social media

A few days ago, you’ve probably seen a viral post on Facebook which highlighted the plight of a struggling postman. It was alleged that postmen will not be receiving any bonus this year despite the increase in deliveries during the movement control order period. Pos Malaysia has just issued an official statement to respond to the comments made online.

According to the national postal service, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected supply-chains worldwide which causes weakening or closing down of businesses as well as the loss of livelihoods. Although there’s an increase in parcel volume during the MCO, Pos Malaysia says their businesses which include mail, international parcels, Pos Aviation and Pos Logistics have been affected as well.

Despite the challenging times, Pos Malaysia has assured that it will protect the livelihood of over 15,000 frontliners and operational support employees while ensuring their needs are prioritised. It added that while other sectors in the country had resorted to salary reductions, job cuts and other drastic measures, Pos Malaysia says it is committed to ensure that its employees’ future are protected.

Pos Malaysia says they are undergoing a transformation process to turn the business around. They will ensure better rewards for its people once the transformation plan progresses and the situation has improved.

The company says they will continue to carry out its responsibilities and serve the country as an essential service provider during this challenging time. They are grateful for the collective effort by its employees that worked tirelessly to ensure deliveries and services are being carried out with minimum disruptions, especially toward the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive season.

After the story went viral, there’s an online petition calling for Pos Malaysia to pay bonus or duit raya to our postal workers. At the moment, there are 18,536 signatures. In the viral story, it was alleged that the postman was hoping for a bonus as he needs to pay his motorcycle debt, rental and other expenses. The Facebook post alleged that Pos Malaysia is making more money during the MCO and they should pay higher bonuses this year to its staff.

Last month, Pos Malaysia has asked the public to be patient as they are receiving an average of 600,000 parcels per day during the MCO. To cope with delivery demand, they are inviting anyone with a commercial van to join their delivery team with a commission offer of up to RM6,000.

Alexander Wong