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Celcom offers Home Wireless Broadband from RM35 for the first month

Celcom is giving new and existing customers the option to register for a Home Wireless Raya package at 50% off for first month. The promo will only be available from 18th May 2020 to 30th June 2020.

Celcom Home Wireless is a home broadband service that uses its 4G mobile network, which is good for homes without access to Fibre. The provided wireless router creates a WiFi hotspot for your home which allows you to connect your computers, smart TVs, phones and other WiFi devices.

They offer three different packages—Home Wireless M, Home Wireless L, and Home Wireless XL. Three packages are tied to a 24 month contract., and have add-on data available.

If you sign up by 30th June, you get the first bill at 50% off. Home Wireless M would normally cost RM70 per month, but you’ll only pay RM35 for the first bill. This package includes a 25GB data quota. You’ll also get 40GB streaming video and music ‘Walla’, which is a Celcom Music Pack value add-on that gives Celcom subscribers unlimited data to stream from selected music streaming partners. A modem will be loaned by Celcom.

Home Wireless L would cost RM50 for the first month, but after that you’ll have to pay RM100 per month for the rest of the contract. The package includes a 50GB data quota, and a 100GB streaming video and music ‘Walla’.

Home Wireless XL costs RM75 for the first month but costs RM150 a month for the rest of the contract. This package includes a 150GB data quota, and a whopping 1TB for their streaming video and music ‘Walla’.

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Once your monthly allocated Internet quota finishes, the speed will be reduced to 64kbps until your next billing cycle. To continue the service at regular speeds, you can purchase extra data of RM50 for 10GB or RM150 for 100GB. For add on video and music ‘Walla’, you can spend RM20 for 40GB.

Existing mobile customers can call 1111 for registration, and new customers can walk in to Celcom BlueCube or Celcom authorised sales partners. We’d recommend you to contact them first before you plan to visit a store, as retail stores might not be available during the CMCO.