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Apple’s huge update for Logic Pro X brings GarageBand’s best feature over

I mean, it’s only logical, right?

Apple has announced a “major” update to it Mac-only Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), Logic Pro X, bringing a bunch of new features and tools for musicians and producers. Perhaps the headlining feature of the update is the inclusion of Live Loops, a feature that was previously exclusive to the GarageBand app on iOS.

If you haven’t come across it, Live Loops is a feature that allows users on the iPad/iPhone to create and arrange musical sequences in a grid-like pattern. The track plays in a loop, and users can edit this loop in real-time. And with the vast range of samples, virtual instruments, and beats available—this opens up a lot of potential for musicians/producers.

Apple says that this is a “professional version” of Live Loops however, explaining that integration with features like Remix FX and Logic Remote will allow users to create music in “nonlinear” ways.

“Remix FX enhances Live Loops with an exciting collection of electronic effects like Bitcrusher, filter, gater, and repeater that can be performed in real time over individual tracks or the entire song mix. Both features become even more powerful when using the free Logic Remote app, allowing users to pair their iPhone or iPad with their Mac to provide Multi-Touch control over Live Loops and Remix FX.”

The update also includes support for the aforementioned Logic Remote, which is a free companion app for iOS devices. Basically, you can now pair your iPhone or iPad with your Mac as input devices to control instruments and use other features on the DAW—in fact, it appears to be pretty similar to another Apple feature: Sidecar.

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Meanwhile, the new update also brings new beat-making tools to Logic Pro X. Step Sequencer, according to Apple, combines the powerful editing power of Logic with a pattern-based workflow, offering even more control over your beats. Other updates include a new Drum Machine Designer, as well as the latest generation of the EXS24 plug-in that helps to create and modify samples.

Apple says that Logic Pro X is optimised for the latest Mac computers—which is a fairly on-the-nose statement, to be frank. Logic is a DAW that is exclusive to Mac computers; it has always been, and it will (probably) always be.

In any case, the new features brought to Logic Pro X will certainly whet the appetite of many users, from bedroom musicians all the way to professional producers. The Logic Pro X 10.5 is now available as a free update for existing users, with the DAW priced at RM799 in Malaysia.

To find out the full details of the update, click here.

Editor’s note: This article has been amended for clarity.