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DxOMark: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip camera is almost as good as the iPhone XS Max

The Galaxy Z Flip is probably the most stylish foldable smartphone that you can buy right now in Malaysia. The folks at DxOMark have just published its camera review and have given the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip a score of 105. It’s just a point below the iPhone XS Max and two points higher than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Due to its compact clamshell form factor, the cameras aren’t as versatile as what you get on the larger Galaxy Fold. On the cover, it gets a dual-camera setup which consists of a 12MP f/1.8 main camera with a 1/2.55″ sensor and a secondary 12MP camera for ultra-wide-angle shots.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip DXOMark

According to DxOMark’s breakdown, the device did 109 points for photos and 96 points for video. They have found that the Galaxy Z Flip does reasonably well but it doesn’t really compete with other flagship smartphones that are priced in the same premium bracket.

For photos, it offers a fairly wide dynamic range under all conditions with pleasant colour rendering and with good noise control. However, the camera detail levels are said to be low and they have reported slow autofocus.

When it comes to videos, they remarked that colours are vivid while it offers fast focus and effective stabilisation. However, they noted limited dynamic range and sharpness of video can vary frame to frame in indoor situations.

You can read the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip camera review by DxOMark here. As a reference, below is how the Galaxy Z Flip stacks up against its other contenders within the same score range.


Alexander Wong