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Senior Minister: Interstate travel during MCO requires cabinet approval

The Royal Malaysia Police had recently announced that those intending to travel from their hometown to the city can now apply via the Gerak Malaysia app. In their official statement, they have identified 1st to 3rd May as the travel dates. However, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has clarified that there’s some confusion with the recent announcement by the police and the government has yet to provide the green light for the movement between hometowns to the city.

According to the minister, they are currently collecting registration until the 1st May through the Gerak Malaysia app. Those who can’t register the app, they may apply for permission at their nearest police station by appointment.

After the 1st of May, they will look at the requests made across all police stations in the country. The National Security Council, Royal Malaysia Police and Ministry of Health will discuss and come out with an SOP for interstate travel. Once that’s sorted, the suggested SOP will be brought to a special cabinet meeting for approval. Once it is approved, the actual travel date will be announced.

Unlike the return of students that are currently stuck at campuses, there are several concerns that need to be addressed for individuals returning to the city from their respective hometowns. The minister said one of the major concerns involve transportation as not everyone has their own car.

Even if they plan to return via private vehicle, how many people will be allowed in a single car? The current policy is one person per car and if interstate travel is allowed, most people would usually drive with their whole family. For those without transport, are buses required?

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He added there’s a lot of things that need to be discussed and it isn’t as straightforward as transporting students home. After the interstate travel proposal is approved by the cabinet, it will be brought forward to the National Security Council that’s chaired by the Prime Minister.

In summary, the police can only collect “registration of interest” and the final date is yet to be finalised. You can watch the video below starting from 13:50:


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