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Senior Minister: No balik kampung during Ramadhan

[ UPDATE 26/04/2020 13:00 ]: The Royal Malaysia Police has announced that applications can now be made via Gerak Malaysia. More details here.

[ UPDATE 25/4/2020 14:00 ] The Royal Malaysia Police has announced that interstate travel between hometowns and the city will be permitted between 1-3 May. More details here.


To avoid any confusion, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has iterated that city folks are not allowed to return to their hometowns during the Ramadhan period. Therefore, people should not be requesting permission from the police to balik kampung.

He said that some people had misunderstood his announcement yesterday. The minister stressed that from the very beginning, the government does not allow movement from the city to their respective hometowns.

The announcement was meant for those that are currently stuck at their hometowns and want to return back to the city. For these people, they must apply for permission via the Gerak Malaysia app starting 25th of April or through the nearest police station in their area. For those that want to request permission from the police are urged to make an appointment via telephone to avoid overcrowding.

The Minister said that the application is not a guarantee that it will be approved. As mentioned yesterday, the application process will allow the government to identify how many people want to travel interstate especially the movements of people between various zone categories. The government will make a decision after evaluating the pros and cons, as well as consultation with the Ministry of Health.

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Before giving the green light, the government will also need to decide on an SOP which needs to be detailed. He said that the final decision will only be made after 1st May.


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