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COVID-19: Malaysia Airlines will not accept passengers without face masks

For the health and safety of all Malaysia Airlines customers and employees, the national carrier has introduced a mandatory face mask requirement which will take effect starting tomorrow, 23rd April 2020. This is enforced not only in the aircraft but throughout all touch-points at the airport.

The requirement is applicable to all passengers excluding infants travelling on all domestic, international and charter flights. The airline will not accept passengers that do not have or wear a face mask at the point of check-in and boarding.

Malaysia Airlines check-in MCO

As highlighted on their Facebook page, passengers must wear a protective mask of any kind and this includes single-ply mask, three-ply mask, cloth mask or reusable mask. The mask must be worn at all times including check-in, boarding, in the cabin, disembarkation and collection of baggage. The only exemption is during mealtime when on board.

The airline also added that passengers would need to show their face during identification verification for safety and security reasons. In addition, MAS recommends that you bring an additional supply of face mask in case you’ll need to replace it. They recommend changing your face mask every 4 hours on long-haul flights. It is mentioned that Malaysia Airlines reserves the right not to accept and offload passengers that do not have a face mask during check-in and boarding.

For additional precaution, passengers are encouraged to bring their hand sanitiser throughout the journey and to observe social distancing.

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