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Could this be the iPhone 12 Pro Max?| ICYMI #318

Today on ICYMI, we will be talking about a brand new flagship device that’s coming to Malaysia soon and interestingly it supports 5G. Hint: The device is from Xiaomi. And shortly after the launch of the iPhone SE, a couple of rendered images of the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro Max has surfaced online.

Xiaomi Mi 10 & 10 Pro Malaysia

Xiaomi Malaysia will be announcing not one but 2 smartphones tomorrow. Click here to find out more about the duo.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

After the launch of the iPhone SE, a series of rendered images of the iPhone 12 Pro Max have surfaced, and they reveal a couple of interesting things. 

Craving Ikea meatballs? You can have it delivered and get 15% off

Ikea Restaurants in Malaysia are still open during the movement control order. If you can’t visit your nearest Ikea, you can now order your favourite meatballs and curry puffs, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

TM offers free Unifi Air while you wait for fibre broadband to be installed

For those who are waiting for their Unifi fibre broadband to be installed at home, TM is offering free Unifi Air which is a wireless broadband solution that provides instant connectivity.