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Maxis offers free fibre speed upgrade up to 300Mbps during MCO

With more people relying on their home broadband during the Movement Control Order, Maxis is quietly offering a free speed bump for selected fibre broadband customers. If you’re on a 30Mbps or 100Mbps plan, you might have received an email from Maxis about the complimentary upgrade offer.

Eligible 30Mbps customers that are currently paying RM89/month are entitled to enjoy 100Mbps (Subscription fee: RM129/month) for free for one month. This will be given as a RM40 rebate in your next fibre bill.

For 100Mbps customers (Subscription fee: RM129/month), you’ll get to enjoy two months free speed upgrade to 300Mbps (Subscription fee: RM149/month). For this option, subscribers will receive RM20 rebate for the next two months.

Maxis Fibre speed upgrade

To activate this offer, all you’ll need to do is to click on the green button in the email. The new speed will be reflected within 3 working days.

After the rebate period is over, you will have to pay the full subscription fee for the new speed. The 100Mbps plan costs RM129/month while the 300Mbps plan is going for RM149/month.

The FAQ states that you are able to change your plan after the upgrade period. Do note that if you change your plan within a month of the promo, you won’t be able to enjoy the rebate. It also mentioned that you won’t be tied to a contract if you accept the offer.

For those that want to enjoy the free speed upgrade but don’t want to pay extra for the coming months, just remember to downgrade when the rebate is over. According to the T&C, the promo is only offered until the 30th of April 2020.

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Apart from Maxis, ViewQwest is also offering a speed bump to its fibre customers residing at selected areas. Unlike Maxis, the speed upgrade is offered automatically and it will take effect between 6th April to 8th May 2020.

For those planning to sign up with Maxis Fibre, they are now offering free unlimited 4G WiFi while you wait for your fibre to be installed when the MCO is lifted. At the moment, no new fibre installations are permitted during the MCO.

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