A day in the life of a person under MCO

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Daniel wakes up the moment the clock strikes 8am. Normally, he would start getting ready to head to the office, but today is different. The Movement Control Order is still in place and he really shouldn’t be leaving his house. As he rolls out of bed, he grabs his Samsung Galaxy A71 off his bedside table.

He starts scrolling through news, looking for new updates on Movement Control Order. Searching for some good news. Have we done enough to flatten the curve? After a few minutes, he realises the only thing that’s going flat is his battery—he forgot to charge it before he went to bed. No matter, the Galaxy A71 has 25W fast-charging so he hooks it up to his charger before he heads into the shower.

30 minutes later, he exits to find that his phone is now at 55%. Since he had a large 4,500 mAh battery in his phone, he figured he would have enough to last the day.

He was determined to use this time at home to be productive, and what better device to have as a companion than his Samsung Galaxy A71. With his phone’s awesome camera, he turns it on and begins recording his next entry into his daily video diary. Daniel figured that it would be a good way to keep track of the days and serve as a good reminder of this unique time in his life.

Then, it was time for some food. Earlier in the week, Daniel bought some groceries from a nearby supermarket in anticipation of this order. He even paid for it with Samsung Pay on his smartphone so he didn’t have to risk contamination by cash. The MCO has really helped him develop as a chef, honing his skills with the frying pan. He made eggs and toast with a sprinkle of paprika. He’s still not very good at it.

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Sitting down at his couch, he begins catching up on his Netflix playlist. Perfect, the Galaxy A71 has a large 6.7” screen that he can use to watch all his shows. He doesn’t have a TV at home, but really, who does these days? Besides, when you’ve got a gorgeous Super AMOLED Plus display like the one on the Galaxy A71, you can still get a very immersive viewing experience.

Without realising it, several hours have passed and he was feeling peckish. Pulling up his Samsung Galaxy A71, he asks Bixby to search for dinner recipes. One-pot pasta? Excellent. He has a pot, he has some pasta, what could go wrong? After about an hour in the kitchen, Daniel had his dinner prepared. But, before digging in, he needed to share this moment with the ‘gram, so he whips out his Galaxy A71 and snaps a quick pic. Gorgeous, it was time to tuck in.

After dinner, Daniel settled down into his couch for a gaming session with his friends. It was Call of Duty Mobile time, and with Samsung’s AI-based Game Booster, Daniel knew that he’d have the performance advantage as they all loaded into the game.

A few hours later, Daniel was done. Another day had gone by. While it was tough to be cooped up at home, Daniel was glad that he had his Samsung Galaxy A71 with him. Despite the fact that he had to rely on it a lot more, the handset still kept up with his needs for the entire day.

What Daniel didn’t realise coming in was how good of a companion his smartphone would be during this period of self-isolation, especially a phone like his Samsung Galaxy A71. Not only could it keep up with him, but it was also his window into the larger world, a means of connection with his loved ones, and a great point of entertainment to help him pass time. If you’d like to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy A71 and its sibling the Galaxy A51, you can do so at Samsung Malaysia’s website.