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This Malaysian guy ran a 263KM marathon indoors in 36 hours

A Malaysian runner posted a series of photos and videos on his Facebook page documenting himself running a full marathon in the comfort of his own home. The runner crossed the ‘finish line’ on 5th April after 36 hours, clocking in a whopping 263 kilometres in total.

Yim Heng Fatt kicked off his indoor run at 6am on 4th April as documented on his page, and began covering a 50-metre route inside his house—along with breaks in-between for eating, showering, and resting.

He shared some pictures of the “water station” in his well-stocked kitchen to help him refuel in between running. For every 50 kilometres that he completed, Yim would even crack open a beer to celebrate.

Very important the CPs or aid stations are well stocked for a super ultra. All sorts of drinks and god sent automatically ice maker!!!Ps: beer is for every 50km celebration!

Posted by Yim Heng Fatt on Jumaat, 3 April 2020

At 7pm, on the 5th April, Yim posted a video to show what his 50 metre run route indoor looks like. It starts around the living room, then to the foyer, heading across his bathroom, or his “toi-toi” as he says, and makes his way around the kitchen and dining area before going back to the living room. You can watch his surprisingly entertaining video below.

For those asking how does my rough 50m run route indoor looks like?Well here it is. It's never a straight line so I had to make many many turns so often. It's an obstacle for sure but runners never complain about how a route looks like kan?Remember, I did 263km or 5,260 loops in 36 hours here and didn't complain once!

Posted by Yim Heng Fatt on Ahad, 5 April 2020

Yim said that he wanted to prove that it’s possible for runners to stay active from the safety of their homes during the Movement Control Order (MCO), and even listed some helpful advantages of completing a marathon at home.

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“The good thing about running indoors is the ability to control the weather. Out come the fans and even the air-conditioning when it gets hot and muggy during the late afternoon. Plus, you can virtually run naked,” wrote Yim.

He also shares that he took part in a group marathon challenge where for every 10km logged, a face mask will be donated to the designated hospitals and old folks home. Unsurprisingly, he ran the most KMs.

You can scroll through his journey on his Facebook page.