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Astro is rearranging its channel numbers to prioritise HD channels

Effective 1st April 2020, Astro will be rearranging its channel numbers to make it easier to access its 100 HD channels. This will affect all platforms including Astro GO and NJOI.

According to Astro, the HD channels are now moved to a higher position for easier and quicker access. For example, Astro RIA HD will now be on Channel 104 while the standard definition is Channel 124 (104 + 20). Meanwhile, HBO HD will now be on Channel 411 while the SD channel is on Channel 431 (411 + 20).

Essentially, the SD channels are placed +20 position after the HD channels, while SD channels for Chinese content are placed at +40 position. For example, Astro Hua Hee Dai HD is now on Chanel 333 while the SD format is on Channel 373 (333 + 40).

Astro assures that the new renumbering of channels will not affect your viewing experience and customers can still continue to enjoy their scheduled recordings and recorded programs without any interruption. However, do note that you would need to reset your Favourite channels list. This can be done by going to the “TV Guide” and set your favourite channel using the “Fav” button on the remote control.

To get the full channel listing, users may also access Channel 100 on their Astro Box, or via WhatsApp by saying “Hi” to +603 9543 3838, then select “New Channel Numbers.” Alternatively, you can also check out the full details here.

In case you missed it, Astro is providing 22 of its channels for free to non-Astro users via Astro Go. Meanwhile, Astro Sports Pack customers can access all Astro channels (including non-Sport) for free.

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