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Latest fuel price: RON95 at RM1.38/litre, RON97 at RM1.68/litre

As we are in the second week of the Movement Control Order, the government has announced yet another reduction for fuel prices in Malaysia. Both RON95 and RON97 petrol prices have dropped by 6 sen per litre while the diesel price has dropped by 7 sen per litre.

Below is the latest fuel prices for the week between 28th March until 2nd April 2020.

RON95 – RM1.38/litre (-6 sen)
RON97 – RM1.68/litre (-6 sen)
Diesel – RM1.68/litre (-7 sen)
Diesel (Euro 5) – RM1.78/litre (-7 sen)

The latest price of RON97 petrol for the coming week marks another record low since 2006. The RON97 price was at RM1.62/litre before it was increased to RM1.92/litre in that year.

Source: Astro Awani

Although it seems to be a good time to drive around, everyone is reminded to stay at home during the Movement Control order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Malaysians are only permitted to go out to buy essentials and it is only limited to either the head or one representative of the family. During this period, interstate or interdistrict travel is also not allowed unless there’s a strong or valid reason.


Alexander Wong