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BigPay reduces credit card top-up limit by 50%

AirAsia’s BigPay card has just announced that its monthly credit card top-up limit has been reduced by half. Prior to this, BigPay prepaid card users are able to top up a maximum of RM10,000 per month via credit card but now the new monthly limit is set at RM5,000.

According to BigPay, they are doing this to keep their costs low in order to pass more savings to its users. They shared that credit card companies charge them fees which BigPay has to absorb in order to provide more top-up options to its customers.

The maximum balance size for the card is still RM10,000 and you can still top up unlimited times via debit cards and online banking. BigPay also shared that more top-up options will be introduced in the coming weeks.

In case you missed it, Bank Negara Malaysia has announced an automatic 6-month moratorium for all bank loans. However, this isn’t applicable to credit card balances.

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