COVID-19: Celcom’s new offers are designed to help you stay safe and connected

This post is brought to you by Celcom.

Important Announcement: Celcom encourages all Malaysians to stay at home and practise social distancing during this Movement Control Order period.

Malaysia is currently in a state of restricted movement, with the Prime Minister announcing on Monday evening that a Movement Control Order (MCO) will be implemented from the 18th till 31st of March 2020 (extended to 14th April, in light of the MCO extension announcement made by the government). Most Malaysians—other than those who work in essential services—are currently working from home; thanks to the development of technology, remote working arrangements are actually a lot more feasible than they were a decade or so ago. 

The glue holding things together is connectivity. During this period of uncertainty, Celcom has updated its services to ensure that Malaysians are always connected—to work from home, or simply to stay connected to your loved ones. And of course, you should always stay indoors, practice social distancing, and stay safe. 

Postpaid & Prepaid customers

All customers—both postpaid and prepaid—will have free unlimited calls to Ministry of Health hotlines,  branches, and website phone numbers, along with calls to the Crisis Preparedness Responsive Control (CPRC) and Movement Control Order (MCO) hotline.  According to Celcom, the health and safety of users is the priority, which is why they have provide access to official information and authorities.

Until the 31st of March 2020, prepaid and postpaid customers will get free unlimited WhatsApp usage on their Celcom networks during office hours (8am–6pm), as well as free access to Microsoft Office 365 (office hours). This set of offerings was designed with the remote worker in mind, and with domestic travel restrictions being put in place, staying connected with loved ones in other parts of Malaysia has never been quite as important.

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During the same period of time (18–31 March 2020), Celcom Xpax has also updated its prepaid-exclusive offers. Prepaid customers who buy Ultra Hour passes will have 6 hours instead of 3. You can check it out by opening your Celcom Life app.

For postpaid users, Celcom MEGA subscribers will have 50% off their Unlimited Internet Pass and Family lines, but only if they are purchased via the Celcom Online Shop.


Boredom may also be an issue for some. Shops are closed, and even the quickest of meals at the local mamak isn’t possible right now. Still, mobile devices (and connectivity, again) will play a crucial role in the information chain, as well as for entertainment needs. 

These are Celcom’s entertainment Walla bundles to keep you and your families occupied through this period of social distancing:

Video Walla

Music Walla

Game Walla

Stay home

All of these bundles can and should be activated from your own homes or workplaces (for essential services workers). You can choose to access the offers via these channels:

For those of us who are remotely working, you are only permitted to leave your home to perform necessary tasks—not for social purposes. To find out more about what Celcom is offering during this period of time, click here.

For those who require assistance, these are the contact details:

  • MCO Website:
  • Virtual health advisor:
  • CPRC (Crisis Preparedness Response Centre) Hotline: 03-88810200, 03-88810600 or 03-88810700

MOH branches: 

  • Perlis: 04-9760712
  • Kedah: 04-7741174
  • Pulau Pinang: 04-2629902
  • Perak: 05-2433962
  • Selangor: 03-51237366, 03-51237367
  • WP Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya: 03-26983757, 03-22687301
  • Negeri Sembilan: 06-7641326
  • Melaka: 06-2345999, 06-2883019
  • Johor: 07-238 2217
  • Pahang: 09-570 7910, 09-570 7914, 09-570 7909
  • Terengganu: 09-6229775, 09-6353752
  • Kelantan: 09-747 2089
  • Sabah: 088-219455, 088-512531, 088-512533
  • Sarawak: 082-443248
  • WP Labuan: 087-596160
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