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Black Shark’s new smartphone cooler will even work with iPhones

The aggressive development of mobile technology means that mobile gaming is also seeing growth of its own. And while many modern smartphones come with internal cooling systems, we’ve also seen the arrival of cooling accessories for smartphones—mini versions of the classic laptop coolers.

Xiaomi-backed mobile gaming brand, Black Shark, has announced a new cooling accessory for smartphones: the FunCooler Pro. Available now, the company’s accessory will supposedly cool your smartphone down with the use of “advanced TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling) technology”.

Black Shark claims that internal tests have shown the cooler lowers the temperature of the back panel of a smartphone by about 25°C, and the edges of the phone by about 10°C. In a simulated real world test, they found that the FunCooler reduced the temperature of the back of the phone to 16°C from 45°C in 15 minutes during a session of PUBG.

Interestingly, the device also comes with an app on Android and iOS, where you’ll be able to adjust settings: Freeze mode and Blizzard mode—I don’t know, which sounds colder to you? The app also allows you to mess with the colours of the RGB lighting on the cooling device, and you’ll be able to see the real-time temperature of your smartphone here, too.

The FunCooler Pro is also compatible with smartphone models with widths between 67mm–88mm; Black Shark’s device is basically a clip-on cooler fan. You’ll need to keep it plugged in and powered via USB, too—no battery capabilities here.

The Black Shark FunCooler Pro is now available, exclusively from Shopee, for RM199. Additionally, the gaming company is also offering deals with savings up to RM155 along with vouchers between the 27 March–4 April. To find out more, you can visit the Black Shark Official Store on Shopee.