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Instagram might also get self-deleting messages similar to Snapchat

Just recently, WhatsApp was spotted testing out a new feature that allows your messages to self-destruct. Now it seems like its parent company Facebook is experimenting the same feature on Instagram which could be rolled out very soon.

According to TNW, the self-destruct feature for Instagram messages is still in its rudimentary form. Developer, Jane Manchun Wong, found out about the self-deleting messages through reverse engineering and it was found among the codes in the application.

What we can tell from the video posted on Jane’s twitter account, the feature is a new mode under direct messages that comes with a dark mode theme. Whatever you chat in this mode will disappear when you exit. Essentially, it’s like “incognito” mode for conversations.

As of now, we don’t know when this new feature will be introduced officially as it is still in development. It appears that the self-deleting feature still has a few rough edges. For example, if you decided to switch to another app halfway, it will automatically delete your conversations even if you don’t intend to. Instagram has also replied to Jane and they confirmed that the feature is still work in progress. According to the picture-sharing platform, they are always exploring new features to improve the messaging experience and this particular feature is still in its early development.


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