4 things that make the Garmin Venu the ideal fitness companion at home

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When you think about buying a smartwatch in 2020, the options are vast. Do you go for something with simple functionality, but an affordable price tag? Or do you consider a smartwatch as an investment towards your better health; a companion on your journey towards fitness? 

The Garmin Venu smartwatch was launched at the tail end of 2019, along with a range of health and fitness functions. But perhaps one of the headlining features of the Venu is the 1.2-inch, 390 x 390, AMOLED display—a first for Garmin. Some of the watches in Garmin’s other series, like the Fenix 6X, have transflective displays, but the Venu represents a device that, according to Garmin, is “perfect for everyday usage”. 

But what is everyday usage? In light of the current situation in Malaysia, most workers are working remotely, with authorities recommending social distancing. Still, it’s important to stay active, even at home. Physical exercise helps us to stay healthy, and even as we practise social distancing, daily exercise routines must go on. 

Here are 5 things that make the Garmin Venu the ideal fitness companion while you stay home throughout this time of crisis in Malaysia.

1. On-screen workout animations to help you help you visualise routines

The Garmin Venu features all-day monitoring, which basically means that you’ll be able to keep your finger on how things are going via the Pulse Ox sensor and Garmin’s vaunted Body Battery energy monitor. 

But the appeal of Garmin’s smartwatches lies in their functional ability to go beyond tracking. The Venu pairs with Garmin Connect, the accompanying iOS and Android app. There, you’ll be able to download pre-made workouts to help you plan your fitness regimen; these cover various options for activities, targeted muscle workouts, and levels.

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Perhaps the most interesting bit that Garmin has included with the Venu is workout animations. For over 40 workouts, including yoga, Pilates, cardio, and strength exercises, your smartwatch will display an animation that guides you through specific workouts on-screen. During yoga and breathing exercises, you’ll also be shown your respiration rate to better track yourself.

Additionally, those of you that want to modify and change your workout routine can also do so on the Venu—or you can try out one of the venu’s 20+ built-in multi-sports apps. And like many of Garmin’s fitness watches, the Venu has support for Garmin Coach: choose an expert coach, a race goal, and once you’ve got your smartwatch synced, the workouts will adjust (easier, more difficult) based on your performance. 

2. Light enough to wear all day

The Venu is certainly a lightweight watch at 46.3 grams, which means that it’s well suited to being an all-day wearable. But the lightweight nature of the watch is contrasted by some strong internals: A 5ATM water resistance rating means that you can take the Venu with you when doing laps at the pool, or even when you’re in the shower—further cementing its place as a watch to wear all day (and night, because it can track your sleep patterns via a Pulse Ox sensor).

Garmin also promises battery life of up to 18 hours in GPS mode, the most battery-hungry mode. If you’re staying indoors and you don’t need the built-in GPS on, your battery life shoots up to 5 days in smartwatch mode. In GPS with music mode, you’ll get a decent 6 hours.

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3. Garmin’s first smartwatch with an AMOLED screen

Garmin has included an AMOLED display with the Venu, which could appeal to those of you who want the bright, vivid colours of an OLED display but need the functionality and trackers of the Garmin smartwatch family. The Venu’s display measures at 1.2-inches, and you can also set the AMOLED display to remain always on—which is all the rage in the smartwatch world right now. 

There are also multiple live watch faces that take advantage of this (along with the aforementioned animated workouts), but Garmin insists that this has not come at a cost to the focus on battery life for the Venu. Meanwhile, the watch comes with a full range of smartwatch features: Smart Notifications, Calendar updates, onboard storage for music, and even widgets and apps. 

4. Serious tech under the hood

Still, that shouldn’t detract from the tech within the Garmin Venu. Multi-GNSS support—most Garmin receivers track both GPS and GLONASS satellites—means that there is a safeguard even if one navigation system malfunctions or fails. In fact, a U.S. Air Force General recently shared that some Air Force reconnaissance pilots use Garmin smartwatches (not the Venu) as a backup navigation option.

You’ll also be able to track your breathing, stress, sleep, heart rate, hydration, and your menstrual cycle via a range of sensors. There’s even a VO2 tracker which helps to track your “overall cardiovascular health”. As with many Garmin devices, the Venu will also have the Body Battery function, which helps the wearer have accurate knowledge of their overall energy level.

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The Garmin Venu is available in Black with Slate Hardware and Light Sand with Rose Gold Hardware, along with Granite Blue with Silver Hardware, and Black with Gold Hardware. From now until the 31st of March 2020, the Garmin Venu will also be discounted from its regular price of RM1,799 to RM1,599. 

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