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COVID-19: Digi takes a different step to tell Malaysians to Stay at Home

Malaysia is currently under the Movement Control order which requires everyone to stay at home to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, there are still people that are ignorant and some were even spotted hanging out at eateries when it is prohibited to do so. After countless of announcements and SMS, Digi is doing something different to remind Malaysians to stay at home.

Digi Stay at Home operator name

If you’re a Digi user, you’ll probably notice something weird next to the signal bar. Early this morning, a lot of Digi users were surprised to see the operator label changed to “Stay-Home” instead of the usual “Digi”.

Digi stay at home

At the time of writing, Digi has already updated it to “Digi-Stay Home”. This is probably to reduce possible confusion from its users. Not to worry, your operator is still Digi and this is just a change of the operator label. At the moment, it appears that the label change is only applicable to iOS users as we can’t seem to get it on our Android phones.

[ UPDATE 20/3/20 10:40 ] The “Digi – Stay Home” label also appears on Android devices.

Digi is still operational as they are a telco which is categorised under essential services. To keep its employees safe, they have taken preventive measures such as organising team of employees to work from home and postponing large meetings and company events.

Thanks to our tipster for the heads up!

Alexander Wong