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Yoodo now offers 20GB data for RM20, 100GB Power Pass for RM2

Yoodo, the telco brand that allows you to customise your plan has announced a new campaign where you get 20GB of data for only RM20. This promo will be available from the 17th March until 31st May 2020.

At RM20/month for 20GB, this is quite a bargain considering 5GB is typically price at RM25/month on Yoodo. Previously, Yoodo offered a 10GB + Free 20GB promo which costs RM35/month. If you need calls, you can add 50 minutes of talk time for RM5/month or you can max it out to 2000 minutes for RM12/month.

If you updated the official app to the latest version, there’s now the option to change the plan immediately without waiting for your next billing cycle. Do note that this will forfeit your existing quota and it will be replaced with the new plan selection.

The new promo is applicable to both new and existing subscribers. You can enjoy this offer as long as the plan renewal takes place before 11:59pm on 31st May 2020.

Power pass

If you need even more data for a short period of time, Yoodo has also introduced a Power Pass which is different from your usual Booster. You can get 100GB for 1 hour for only RM2. Do note that is applicable for domestic use and you can’t use it overseas while roaming.

In case you missed it, the telco brand also offers eSIM for selected iPhone and iPad models. This allows you to subscribe to the plan without waiting for your physical SIM card and all you’ll need is to scan a QR code. Yoodo is a digital telco that runs on Celcom’s network.

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Alexander Wong